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Jazz up your bike without burning a hole in your pocket. DNOVO the makers of quality accessories for bikes proudly present the first and only designer engine belly for bikes. Available for Pulsar, CBZ, Unicorn, Passion & Splendor.

Its looks rock, quality rocks and price rocks !

  • Looks great, like a part of the bike and not an add-on.

  • Fits in 5 minutes without dismantling anything.

  • Fits so snugly that there is no rattle.

  • Does not interfere an inch with access to brake pedal and gear shift.

  • When its fitted, there is a gap between the twin cradles of the frame.

  • Unless you are driving in 40 degrees celsius temperatures engine does not overheat due to fitting it.

  • In the rains it would protect the engine from water sprays.

Uses OE quality paint and processes.That is why it would fade only as slowly as the color of the other parts of your bike. Available in vehicle matching colors and in silver.

  • MRP = Rs 800/- (All Inclusive)
* It will fade about as slowly as the vehicle's plastic parts.
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